A typical class goes as follows:


Warm-up:  Dance-related stretch and flexibility exercises will be included in each class.  These exercises are ideal for toning the body through the balance of tightening and relaxing different muscle groups.


Barre:  We will learn and practice classical ballet positions and movements.


Across the Floor: Students practice steps that travel.


Combinations:  This is where all of our work is transformed into “the dance.”  Combinations are for balance, grace, strength, technique, and most of all, the joy.


Dress for girls: leotard, tights (even under shorts), and pink ballet slippers,   tap shoes, jazz shoes, or barefoot for Acrobatics. Tight fitting shirts and pants are acceptable. Please keep ALL hair pulled back off of face. No dangling jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets).


Dress for boys: white tops, black shorts/pants, sneakers, tap shoes, or barefoot.


Remember, there is NO CANDY or GUM CHEWING allowed during class.