The Nutcracker Characters

The Nutcracker characters are varied and the main role is performed by a young girl, Clara. The wonderful world in which the mouse king and the Nutcracker fight in a battle is inhabited by a great number of characters: gingerbread soldiers, evil mice, Clara’s godfather, fairies, dancers, and flowers. All of these Nutcracker characters contribute to the beauty and uniqueness of this production. The Nutcracker characters have become beloved additions to the holiday season.

The Stahlbaums, Their Friends, and Relatives

The Nutcracker story begins with a family celebration of Christmas Eve. Mr. Stahlbaum is the city mayor and together with his wife, he has two children: Clara and Fritz. He has invited friends and relatives to gather around the Christmas tree and spend some time together. The atmosphere is festive and guests arrive one by one bringing presents, while Clara and Fritz are eagerly waiting to be called to open their gifts. When the Christmas tree is ready and decorated, the children go down and meet the guests.

Clara and the Nutcracker

Clara and the Nutcracker are the primary characters. Clara receives a beautiful present, a nutcracker that looks like a small toy soldier. After everyone goes to bed, Clara checks on the nutcracker under the Christmas tree and then she falls asleep. She dreams of a magical world around the Christmas tree and witnesses a battle between the mice and their king against the nutcracker and his army of gingerbread soldiers. She saves the nutcracker and then he turns into a beautiful prince who shows her around the Land of Sweets and they celebrate the victory together. In the end, Clara and the Nutcracker are crowned king and queen and she awakens to find herself on the sofa. However, she finds the crown next to her, so it remains a mystery whether it happened or was just a dream.

Fritz and Uncle Drosselmeyer

The character of Fritz appears only in the first act. He is Clara’s brother and he participates in the scene with the Christmas presents. He gets a beautiful gift but when Clara receives her nutcracker, he breaks it on purpose. Uncle Drosselmeyer is the godfather of Fritz and Clara and he comes on Christmas Eve to leave presents for the children. He is the one who gives Clara the nutcracker and then he fixes it after Fritz’s mischief. He also appears later, during the dream sequence, on the wall clock instead of the owl that stood there before.

The Mouse King and His Army

The mouse king is the leader of the mice and the foul creatures that inhabit the magical world of the Nutcracker. He fights with the Nutcracker and his mice soldiers start eating the Nutcracker’s soldiers, as they are made of gingerbread. In the end, the Nutcracker is wounded and the mouse king wants to kill him but Clara interferes and throws her slipper at him. This allows the Nutcracker to recover and stab the mouse king, which puts an end to the battle and good triumphs over evil.

The Sugar Plum Fairy, Her Cavelier, and the Dancers

The Sugar Plum Fairy welcomes Clara and the Nutcracker to the Land of Sweets after the victory. She then dances with her cavalier and this is one of the most famous moments in the ballet performance. After this, Clara and the Nutcracker are greeted by Spanish, Arab, Russian, and Chinese dancers. Rosebuds and flowers also perform their dance and the celebration ends with Clara and the Nutcracker waltzing together. When this moment is over, Clara awakens to find herself in her home.